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We Are Family but not the Partridge Family

Hi, we're the Rolfs. Matt, Lisa, Collin, Adrienne and Benny.

We are a family of musicians.

We’re actually a family band. 

We’ve been traveling and playing music for awhile now, and yes, everywhere we go someone inevitably calls us the Partridge Family. LOL! 

Several years ago we discovered how much we loved playing music together. So we decided to do it as often as we could. We played music in our church and our community and soon we began traveling to other places to play our music. Our goal at that time was pretty simple - to use our music to do something together as a family that would encourage other families. 

So we took our music and we hit the road and we began playing at festivals and county and state fairs and places like that. We shared our music and our family and we began to connect with people. We found that music bridged a gap that allowed people to open up, allowed relationships to build and new friendships to develop. Sometimes it was merely a one-time conversation about how a song brought back a good memory. Sometimes it was several conversations that grew into friendships that continued year after year.

Along the way we also discovered that our life of music and travel allowed us to have some great adventures. Our travels took us all over the country - west to the Grand Canyon, east to Mystic Seaport, CT, north to Minnesota and south to Lubbock, TX. Traveling by RV and bus allowed us to view mile after beautiful mile of countryside as we rolled. And day by day, mile by mile we began to live a little! 

Our life brought us something new everyday. We met interesting people from all over and learned some of their stories. We discovered that there’s lots more GOOD happening in the world than what the news stations might suggest. We discovered that our country is beautifully colorful and diverse in its geography, food, economies and people. And we discovered that music was like a road that gave us a clear path to connect our lives with the lives of other people. Harmonies, rhythm, melodies and lyrics exist to be heard and shared. Slow down enough and you'll notice that the first sounds of the morning are the songs of the birds and the last at night are the rhythmic sounds of the crickets. 

We travel and play music fulltime, although right now we are spending a little more time in Nashville, Tennessee, as many of our events have been cancelled because of COVID-19. But for us, MUSIC is our passion, it's how we make our living and what we offer to people as a way of sharing ourselves. It’s how we bring something that's uniquely US to our corner of the world, wherever that may be.

Along our journey, we discovered that everyone has a story that is uniquely THEM. This is our story but what about you?

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  • Hey crew, thanks for naming your band after my daughter! You have excellent taste.😀

    Rebecca (Renata's mom)

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