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Our Story

Phunky Purple is the family business of a family that's anything but typical. 

For the last several years we've traveled the country playing music together as a family band. We’ve even been called a modern-day Partridge Family! LOL!

Our life has been about following our passion. More music, more travel, more inspiration, more memories. We believe it's possible to live a life that defies the status quo.

Phunky Purple is our lifestyle brand that's all about living outside the box. We believe that as we live our dream, we can encourage and inspire others to live theirs. Love it, live it!
With music and with life, it's all about connection so we invite you to come along on our journey, take a peek at our life, connect with us and say hey! We'd love to hear YOUR story about living life from your heart!

Make sure to check out our blog and also come say hello on the socials!



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